Facts About Momos That You Want to Know and Take A Bite

Facts About Momos That You Want to Know and Take A Bite

Who doesn’t love momo? When we are hungry in the evening the first thing that comes to our mind is momos. Those delectable dumplings aka momos have traveled through probably Kathmandu and reached us, making our lives better.

The name “momo” comes from the Tibetan phrase “mog mog.” Momo is a South Asian dumpling that is consumed throughout the region. It is made by wrapping dough around stuffed vegetables or meat. These can be cooked in various ways, but the most common is steaming. So, now you must be thinking about how to get the scrumptious momos at home. Well, your prayers worked. MochowWay, the parent company of chowmeWay has crazy momo varieties to win your heart, you can order momos online at a reasonable price. Make your hunger bud at bay.

How did Momo become so popular in India?

It is unclear how momos arrived in India, but they were likely brought by Tibetans, for whom we are grateful. According to historians, due to the China-Tibet war in the 1960s, many Tibetans migrated to India as refugees. They settled in Delhi, Dharamshala, Sikkim, Darjeeling, Ladakh, and other Indian cities. Needless to say, they brought the momo recipe with them and popularized it here. Another theory holds that Kathmandu merchants brought the recipe for momo to India during their travels along the silk route.

Interesting Facts about Momo

Momo was initially made entirely of meat, specifically yak meat, because vegetables were scarce in Tibet’s cold and rocky Himalayan regions. However, as the dish gained popularity in India, vegetable momo was created to cater to the tastes of North Indian vegetarian Hindus. Momo is still primarily a meat dish, though instead of yak meat, chicken is used because it is less expensive and cooks more quickly. Momo can be filled with “chhurpi,” an indigenous ricotta-type cheese popular in the Himalayan regions. “Chhurpi” tastes completely different from paneer.

Why is momo famous everywhere?

The best momo is found on street corners and in small shops. While almost every Indian restaurant serves momo, the good thing is that you can’t get the same or better taste at a nearby momo stall at a lower price.
The price of momos varies from twenty rupees for one plate to 100 rupees. A platter of momo is enough for a light lunch or dinner.
It is prepared with spices that add a unique and original taste to suit the young generation.
Momos are as easy as golgappas to eat.
Momos are like chunks of happiness, make your momo recipes by filling the dough. You can adjust it with your taste bud, which makes it popular.


Since momo is slowly getting popular in India, MochowWay plans to open momo restaurants in diverse locations in India. You can go, grab a plate of momo, or order momos online to deliver at your doorstep with the help of MochowWay. So, what’re your taking momos? No need to wait to try out this Asian beauty in your stomach. Just gobble around any time of day or night and enjoy the savory dumplings from MochowWay.

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A plate of momo’s a day keeps hunger at bay.

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