Crazy Momos Varieties to Win Your Heart

Crazy Momos Varieties to Win Your Heart

Are you one of those who search for momos in every place you visit? Do you find momos as your soul food? Think of a dish of hot, steaming momos with spicy red chutney on them! You were unable to control your drooling, right? The dough is stuffed with a filling to create the little dumplings known as momos. Momos are typically steamed, although currently they can also be had fried, grilled, or tandoor-cooked. Due to the steam that the momos are cooked in, the filling within is typically moist and luscious. Although they are quite popular in North India, momos are loved by people all over the nation. The best momos come in many different forms and varieties, but nothing compares to the way they taste! There are many different types of comfort food, but momos are truly a divine experience in terms of comfort and satisfaction!

Creamy and Smoked Tandoori Momos

Enjoy Indian food? Then this momo variation will certainly win your heart! The best fusion momo at the moment is a smokey momo soaked in all the Indian tandoori spices and mixed with some cream. Tandoori Momos are bursting with flavour and are typically served with mayonnaise and red chili chutney. The momos’ slightly smokey and charred flavour is excellent when blended with cream. To enhance the flavours, you can also serve it with green chutney.

Classic Afghani Momos

The sweeter and creamier variety of tandoori momos is called Afghani momos. Although smokey, these momos are not extremely fiery. The traditional Afghani gravy is frequently used to cover or dip Afghani momos. Momos from Afghanistan are creamier than those from India. Additionally, they have a softer flavour that is sweet and mildly peppery. You can add some capsicums to the momos and Afghani gravy mixture for a better texture.

Jhol Momos for Gloomy Chilly Nights

Steamed Jhol momos are a specialty of Nepal and are becoming quite popular in India. The best fusion momo at the moment is a smokey momo soaked in all the Indian tandoori spices and mixed with some cream. On a dreary, chilly night, picture a bowl of warm soup and momos being served together! The momos taste incredibly delicious since they are succulent and have absorbed the flavour of the broth.

Fire up Taste Buds with Chilli Momos

The ketchup, green chilies, and chili sauce that have been added to these momos will set your taste buds on fire. Due to the fact that even the stuffing is made with schezwan sauce, this momo is hotter than the typical ones. Many people also sprinkle peri-peri powder on the chilli momos to make them even hotter. This is the treat for those who enjoy hot food! The heat in these momos will shock your taste receptors and make your mouth thirst.

Kothey Momos

Kothey momos also referred to as pan-fried momos, originate in the Himalayas. Although pork filling was used when it was first produced, nowadays there are vegetarian options as well. When momos are pan-fried, they acquire a lovely crispy texture. What distinguishes Kothey momos from other varieties is their strong ginger flavour. These momos are a specialty of the Himalayas. They have both crisp and succulent qualities.

For the Love of Cheese Momos

The melted cheese in the center of these momos ensures they will become a favorite. You may also achieve the optimal cheese pull by slicing the momos in half, you may also achieve the optimal cheese pull. These Cheese Momos are often served with cheese sauce. These momos are heaven on earth for anyone who enjoys pizza and cheese, these momos are heaven on earth. Pizza, cheese, and vegetables are all placed within to create a package of pleasures.

Chocolate Here too

To have a pleasant outcome, purchase a box of chocolate momos. Despite the absurdity of the pairing, the food is actually quite tasty. Fried momos drenched in the chocolate sauce are heaven on earth for every chocolate lover. Instagram made this far famous, and now people are obsessed with these delectable sweet and savoury momos.

MomoWay for Dumpling Delicacies

Are you one of those persons who, when craving something very wonderful after a contentious conversation, chooses momos? That is how engrained momos are in people’s hearts and on their plates everywhere in the world. Momos are soft Nepalese dumplings that are loaded with delectable meat or vegetables and expertly cooked. Even though we may always swoon over this type, have you ever tried the soupier jhol momos variation or buckwheat momos? At MomoWay India get to experience the best of fillings, Piro, and customization of dumplings If not, try placing a Momoway order, download the app from the Play Store, and take advantage of the best of Nepali cuisine now available in India.

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