The Jhol Momo: Answering the Dipping Dilemmas

The Jhol Momo: Answering the Dipping Dilemmas

The Journey of a traditional Nepalese Momo

The momo is the one dumpling that may rule them all. The devoted following of the delicious dough packet spans continents, cultures, and social strata, from roadside stands in the hills of Mussoorie and Darjeeling to upscale eateries in Manhattan and Dubai. But the momo’s attraction extends far beyond its steamed stuffing. Most momos platefuls must have the necessary, all-too-often-gone-all-too-fast fiery salsa-Esque sauce in the middle for dipping. Consider how many times you have asked for more by saying, “Please, may I have some more?” The solution to all dipping conundrums is jhol momos, steaming dumplings drowning in a bowl of soupy chutney.

Unique in its Way

The jhol momo, a traditional Nepalese dish, is as joint a street snack in Mumbai and Kolkata as Puchkas or vada pav. In this context, the word “jhol” is not to be confused with the Bambaiyaa term for a mess or with the Bengali word for spice, “jhal.” Jhol achaar is a Nepali term for the colourful, tangy sesame-based broth that pairs perfectly with meaty momos. Jhol means liquid and achaar means sauce. Although the broth contains dry soybeans, tomato, onion, garlic, and coriander, hog plum powder is responsible for the distinctive citrus flavour. Hog plum, also known as lapsi in Nepal, is an extremely tart, pale yellow fruit that is typically consumed fresh, pickled, or used as a souring agent.

Better Companion of Winters

A mixture of opposing tastes, temperatures, and textures make up the jhol momo. A cold, spicy soup balances out steaming, doughy balls in a bowl that is incredibly comforting whether you have a nasty cold or are going through a difficult time. This modest Nepalese cuisine has been moved from the narrow streets of Kathmandu to Himalayan restaurants in Queens, where it fits elegantly on several menus among its other well-liked cousins’ thanks to the strange blend of wholesomeness and bravado.

There is no undisputed monarch of momos. However, a momo that doesn’t ask for more chutney would unquestionably win over everyone.

Never wait to place a good food order

Are you one of those people who, after having a heated discussion, decide to have momos when in the mood for something incredibly delicious? That is how deeply momos have ingrained themselves in people’s hearts and plates all around the world. Momos are tender dumplings from Nepal steamed to perfection and filled with luscious meat or vegetables. While we may constantly drool over this variety, have you ever tasted its soupier variation, called jhol momos? If not try ordering Momo from Momoway, download the app from the play store, and enjoy the best of Nepal now in India.

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